Your holidays
in Puglia.

Masseria La Brunetta is at a strategic crossroad for your holidays in Apulia, as it is close to historical treasures such as the Itria Valley, Magna Grecia and the Land of Bari. The city of Massafra is known for its beautiful "gravine", ravines that cut the land in two, and as the 'Tebaide d’Italia' (Thebaid of Italy), an expression coined by local historian Vincenzo Gallo to highlight the richness of its rock settlements and its gorges.

The Itria Valley is famous for its trulli and white houses, painted with quicklime, and offers views of incomparable beauty. Here the air is fresh and clean as it rises up from the hills; its cities, such as Martina Franca, Alberobello, Locorotondo and Ostuni, and wine and food tradition make it an essential destination for an excellent stay in Apulia.

Magna Graecia, centred on the city of Taranto on the Ionian Sea, with its antique charm and the crystal clear blue sea of Salento is a must to visit and be enchanted by.

The Land of Bari, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea to the East, tells old stories lost among the Norman-Swabian castles and alleys and offers the extraordinary glimpses of the old town of Bari, Trani, Andria and Altamura.

Moreover, the proximity of Masseria La Brunetta to the Ionian coast, stretching as far as Calabria and famous for its long and sandy beaches, makes it an ideal place for holidays and fun for young and old people alike.

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