The exteriors

A noble and authentic past

As soon ad you enter Masseria La Brunetta, you feel like suspended in time, in a dreamlike dimension of ancient traditions rooted in a noble and authentic past.
Your journey through this dream begins in the Corte, the courtyard where the farm's inhabitants originally gathered and where convivial events were held, especially during summer. The courtyard is an open, airy space, where everything comes to life and offers a perspective of the entire complex's potential.
The pool is the perfect place to let go of all thoughts and dive into the blue. Its colours evoke the Apulian landscape, where bright green and deep blue meet. A pleasure for your eyes, which gradually involves all the senses for an experience of total beauty.
The Masseria is surrounded by a wonderful garden, where typical Mediterranean plants and trees thrive. Apulia tells a story through every detail here, including nature.
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